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Nestled deep in the heart of the Alaskan tundra is found a berry whose incredible nutritive and antioxidizing power have earned it the name “the miracle berry”. Harvested and processed at precisely the right time, the blueberry contains more antioxidizing, disease-fighting, and nutritional power than any other fruit or vegetable available. Kyani Inc. has created a product founded solely on the nutritional values of these Alaskan Miracle Berries that is shaping and changing the lives of people all over the world.

Don’t believe us? Just ask our customers.  Better yet … try it for yourself; we know you will notice a difference!

Karyl Keanaaina - On July 22, 2009 I turned 50 years old. One week later, on July 29th, my body fell apart.I have always been pretty healthy so it was a shock when I went to the doctor to check on a cough, that I just couldn't shake, and was immediately admitted to the hospital because my blood count was 2 (normal range is from 12-18.) I also had very high white blood cell counts, and my blood platelets were only one-third of the size they should be (showing I had very low oxygen content in my blood.) The first reaction from the doctors was that I had cancer or leukemia or, at the very least, a blood infection. After multiple tests, two blood transfusions, and six iron infusions my bone marrow started working again to produce blood and my blood count rose to 9 over a period of two weeks, and cancer and leukemia were ruled out as a cause of my condition. Unfortunately, on the afternoon of my last iron infusion I started hemorrhaging and lost all the ground I had gained. 
For the next month (August/September 2009) I was in and out of the hospital every other week with complications and I was just getting weaker and weaker. With all the tests, IV's, and blood draws my arms were "stuck" 57 times and I was in the Emergency Room 6 times in 30 days. The Doctors could not figure out what was the cause of my low blood count. 
My husband, Mike, and I were getting pretty desperate because my health was failing so quickly. I lost 30 pounds and my veins were beginning to collapse so they could not give me the treatments I needed. We were praying so hard for guidance, for any help we could get, for something that would help me get better. Then our friend talked to us about the Kyani products. I was skeptical (I've tried all kinds of "juices" in the past and never found them to be effective for me.) But Mike said he felt this was an answer to our prayers so we scraped together the funds we needed to get a months supply and I started on the Kyani Sunrise...within 2 days I started feeling better, my mind cleared, I had energy again and my next blood tests (a week later) were at 11.5!
I have continued taking the Kyani products ever since and I am so much better. The Doctors are amazed at my recovery. The Kyani system is based on the super-foods of blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, pomegranate, grapes, noni, aloe vera, and omega 3's. Every morning I take one ounce of the Kyani Sunrise drink and it gives me the nutrition of 10-12 servings of fruits and vegetables.
The system is so simple but it provides total overall health support to all the systems of my body with all natural ingredients.  - Karyl Keanaaina


Michelle, Honolulu, HI - I used to suffer from fibromyalgia and was taking 6 to 8 tyenols a day for the pain.  Now, I'm not taking one.   I sleep better too.  My results for her blood test were exciting.  I went to the doctor in November and just the other day for another check up.  I started on the products on March 22, 2010 (all 3 products).
These are my results:

                  November/2009                                        May/2010
Blood Pressure       166/80                                             116/70
   Cholestrol             278                                                  166
   Triglycerides         110                                                  106
    HDL                     48                                                   57
     LDL                    208                                                  88*
*This was the most impressive of all.

Ashley vs. Migraines Ashley Barlow Atlanta, GA - In 2002, I was involved in a horrible accident.  I had sustained a grade-2 concussion, which included amnesia, pulled muscles and road rash.  After a month or so, I started noticing more and more migraines.  These migraines would debilitate me to the point where I spent many nights a week in the shower, sleeping, because the warm water was the only thing that aided the intense pain.  Several years pass with many doctors’ visits, lab work, MRI’s, CAT scans, with no answers as to how to manage the pain.  I had tried Immitrex with no luck.  The doctors even placed me on blood pressure medication, which actually caused my perfectly normal blood pressure to increase.  I was suffering anywhere from 1-4 migraines a week.  Over time, the doctors and I noticed the only thing that would help was prescription pain medication.  So from 2002 until 2009 I would take 1-3 Hydrocodine pills a week.  I was beyond exhausted of taking prescription pills.  For years, everywhere I went, I would shake my purse before leaving the house to make sure I had my pills on me.  There were several occasions where I was forced to leave a party or get together because of the pain and then I had to have someone drive me home due to the light sensitivity. 
Imagine living like this as a teen and then as a women in her early 20’s.  I am thankful my parents sent me something called Kyani.  Not only is my body on a normal schedule regarding the vitamins needed, but I have more energy to be me again!  After day two of taking the Kyani products, I felt a HUGE difference.  Then I decided to test something.  The next time I felt a headache coming, I would take an extra dropper of Nitro FX.  Sure enough I ended up with a head ache.  I took the Nitro FX and within 20 minutes, no pain, no sensitivity, no loss of energy.  I have had 1 migraine in the entire time I have used Kyani and that was only because I misplaced the Nitro.  That is never going to happen again.  I can proudly say that I feel like a different person, act like a different person and am a different person thanks to Kyani and the Nitro FX.

Kenneth Sadoyama (70) - Honolulu, HI/ Thanks a lot to you guys for turning me on to Kyani.  The products are truly "awesome", a miracle out of the blue.  At 79 years old the issues of prostate, aging skin and joints are very real, but it's not an issue anymore.  Thanks Bob for the 3 introductory 1-ounce Kyani sunrisepack and the tiny bottles of Nitro FX.  Amazingly, after taking it, in less than 4 days I was able to urinate without difficulty and my urine leak at night while sleeping completely stopped.  When I received my distributor health pack, I immediately got on theKyani health triangle product and after 2 weeks my wife and I noticed that 90% of my ugly leg veins has disappeared.  The puffy eye bags and deep wrinkles surrounding my eyes were also noticeable disappearing.  The skin texture of my chest and arms are looking moist and smoother once again, and I no longer need to take glucosomine for my knee joint.  Matter of fact, Kyani products has now replaced almost $300 of supplements that I buy from the health food store every month.  I don't think the health food store will be too happy to know that, but, what can I say???  Thank you Kyani, I'm really grateful to you guys.

Pat Nakamura - Honolulu, HI/ My sister is 70 years old and she's been on the Nitro FX for the past 2 weeks.  She is a Xango user, so she waited to take the Kyani Sunrise until her Xango supply ran out, and it just did.  Anyway, she's had some kind of nerve pain in her left leg for at least 2 years.  It's not severe, but more of a nagging type of pain.  So just about 3 weeks ago, she told me about it and was planning to go to the doctor to get it checked.  I told her to try the Nitro FX first. After the first week, she said that it felt better, but the pain was still there.  I asked her how much she was taking, and she said one drop, 3 times a day.  I told her to increase the dosage, and she did. Tonight, she said the pain is gone. She wants another bottle.
On Memorial Day, she saw a lot of my relatives and she said they're all suffering from some kind of body pain.  She wants them ALL to be on the Nitro FX and told me that she'll buy Nitro FX for everyone to try.  Now when a 70-year old woman becomes a Kyani advocate, then what would happen when the entire senior citizen community becomes aware of what Kyani can provide.  I think it's scary, how potentially busy we can get. By the way - I didn't even mention my tendonitis in my left elbow that I got years ago when I injured it on the golf course when the club stuck in the ground and the shock went straight to my elbow.  It's always been slightly sore and tender when I touch it. It's not totally gone, but pretty close.  I expect that in time, it will disappear.  

I haven’t golfed for a long time mainly due to my back problems. Imagine giving up something you love not by choice. Well needless to say I went golfing this past weekend for the first time in at least a year and is experiencing no back pains! Priceless! 

Not to mention I shot a mid 80’s round and was taking Nitro FX through the day!

JoEllen Boyd - Honolulu, HI / For years I have suffered with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. There have been periods in my life where I couldn’t work and it was hard to function. When I could work I had to take prescription stimulants and pain medication just to make it through the day. I would come home at night, collapse on the couch and fall asleep for 2-3 hours. Going out at night was almost impossible. Working all week was more than my body could handle. I would wake up on Saturday in so much pain and so exhausted I could hardly get out of bed. Even something as simple as going to the grocery store was very difficult and by the time I got home I was almost in tears. Shortly before starting taking the products I began to experience a terrible “pain episode”.  Every part of my body hurt, but the headaches were the worse. Those were the Pre-Kyani days. About a week after I started taking the products I found I was able to come home from work and only sleep for about an hour. Slowly I began gaining more and more energy and after about a month I found that most days I didn’t have to lie down. I remember the first Saturday that I went out with my husband to talk to 3 different people about Kyani. Each day I know that my body is continuing to heal. Kyani has given me back my life and an excitement about the future. 
I will never forget the day I walked into my office and overheard someone saying “I’ve begged the doctors to amputate my leg but they won’t.” I soon found out he has been in constant pain for the last 4 years from ulcers on his ankle. The doctors have no idea what’s causing them or how to heal it. This all happened about a week after we joined Kyani.  I didn’t know much about the products except someone at the meeting mentioned they had great results from rubbing Nitro FX on a skin problem. I had a sample bottle of Nitro FX with me so I gave it to him and told him to rub it on his ankle and then take the drops 4-5 times a day. About 5 days later he asked me to order a bottle for him.  After 4 years of living with these open sores, the ulcers started scabbing. Though it’s not normal for me, I can’t help but tell people about the miraculous healings that are taking place by taking the Kyani products. It’s hard to imagine that telling someone about these wonderful products can give them a quality of life they haven’t known for many years.
I will never be able to express my gratitude to all of the people involved in bringing Kyani products to the world. For the last few years my husband’s health has been getting worse and worse, yet the doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on. He became so weak and dizzy there were times when he couldn’t cross the street without holding on to me. His color was terrible and he looked like he aged 10 years within the last several months. Many times I would wake up at night and look to see if he was still breathing.  Things reached a point where he had to quit his job because it required he walking up stairs and he just couldn’t do it any longer. It didn’t look he could continue working so we put our house on the market and planned to move close to our daughter in Atlanta. Since it’s cheaper there, we could live on his pensions and my income. This would also give me a sense of security knowing that I wouldn’t have to take care of him by myself. Praise God our lives have changed. Within a short period of time after he started taking the Kyani products he regained his energy and his health. Imagine the disbelief of the people he worked with when he suddenly ran up 3 flights of stairs, 2 at a time.

Nani Esthetician (38) - Honolulu, HI / Small Business Marketing Consultant (Derek Owner of 808 HANDYMAN)  Before: Poor Circulation, Difficulty in Sleeping, High Blood Pressure, No Energy, Arthritis, Bad Knee, Memory Loss and Foot Pain 
My cousin introduced me to Kyani back in June 2009 and at the time; I was not ready or interested in the product or opportunity.  I was so done, I mean done, done done!   I wanted a break from every "opportunity" or "product" especially after the death of my grandfather in 2007.  I needed me time, needless to say my cousin was very persistent because she knew I needed to do something.  My health and financial situation was not getting better and the lost of my Grandfather was a really difficult time.  However she was persistent and in August of 2009, I decided to take Kyani's Health Triangle pack which includes the Sunrise, Sunset and NitroFX.   Before Kyani I would have sleepless nights, get up after 12 noon and around 2pm everyday for many years, no energy, pre-diabetic, started to be more forgetful, pain in knee due to a previous injury, and pain in my feet which made it difficult to walk.  After Kyani, I have better sleep, I wake up much earlier which is a miracle for me.  Even my friends and family were completely shocked, the joke would be..."don't call Nani unless its after 12noon".  I feel that I'm so much more productive and focused.  I have better circulation with barely any aches and pains, which makes it so much easier to walk. Also I no longer have high blood pressure.   Oh, I'm having surgery in May and my doctors at KP said my Kyani Sunrise will be a good liquid vitamin to take since I won't be able to take any type of pills for awhile.   
My husband Derek has his own handyman business and for several years he had a problem with his leg and knee which prevented him from working sometimes.   A few years ago his leg turned black due to poor circulation and had to immediately remove some of his veins from his calf to his hip. The pain in his knee was so severe he described it like taking a knife and someone stabbing him.  He went to the doctors which prescribed various medications such as vicodin, codeine, demerol and cortisone shots every month.  He developed a cyst behind his kneed cap and arthritis in his joints. The doctor said surgery is next, I began to really worry for his health.  This added stress which made it difficult to work and financially impacted the family.   Many years I tried to get my husband to try different things, but it was not always that easy, it was much easier to take "advice" from a friend or stranger (lol).  Advice from the "wife" is not always easy however, the pain was so bad he no longer wanted to be dependent on prescribed medication, which could cause addiction or serious side effects.  Kyani offered a healthier alternative to better health.  He tried the complete Health Triangle Pack, which after a month got amazing results.  He was able to bend his knees, no longer waking up in pain. He has better endurance, energy and especially "performance".  He never leaves home without taking Sunrise and NitroFX and Sunset at dinner.  These products really helps with inflammation.  People don't realize inflammation causes so many health issues but with the Health Triangle Pack, it changes everything.

Mom Gwen (65) diagnosed with Lung Cancer, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol.  The timing of Kyani was a blessing, I got my mom on the products and made sure she got a complete physical because I wanted to see if she was nutritionally deficient at the same time my cousin Puamai had a confirmation to make sure mom got checked.  Our family was not the type to take supplements and if we did, it totally sat on the shelf until it expired.  Mom got her results back, her blood pressure and cholesterol improved since she was taking Kyani's Health Triangle pack.  However, they discovered a mass the size of a silver dollar in her lungs that was not there last year.  She has been a smoker since she was fifteen and the doctors said her condition is much better then they expected at her age.  Her condition was Stage 1 and a little lymph node Stage 2 they said she was an excellent candidate for surgery.  I made sure she doubled up everything to prepare her.  After surgery the doctors said she recovered and healed better then expected and was out of the hospital in less then a week.  She was walking the day after the surgery which amazed them.  Surgery was on Dec. 9, 2009 in January of 2010 for precaution they recommend chemotherapy because its difficult to detect tiny lymph nodes that could become cancerous.  Kyani is helping her nutritionally  because chemo causes loss of appetite, nausea or vommitting.  She is taking sunrise at least 2x a day, nitrofx 2x a day and sunset at least 6 gel tabs.  I really believe in my heart of hearts Kyani has given my mom a fighting chance.  I cannot imagine a life without my mom and husband, they are the wind beneath my wings, and the air that I breathe.  I am so grateful to the Lord for this product and opportunity.
Kyani gives you the everything your body needs on a daily basis, unfortunately most of us take our body for granted.  Because of our results I became passionate about the products that I decided to join Kyani and to share it with everyone I know and love.  I’m not gonna lie, Kyani rewards us really AWESOME for sharing it with others.  It is fabulous to have better health and the opportunity to be wealthy by helping others.

Joycelyn P. aka Puamai (42) former Softball & Soccer Player, Energy drink addiction, Carpal Tunnel, Asthma.  I’m a proud mother of 5 beautiful girls and a very busy mom.  I love to keep in shape by running, walking and cardio workouts.  I used energy drinks for the past 3 years to get me going and to boost my workouts.  I drank about 2 energy drinks a day, I didn’t realize the energy drinks were harming my health from stomach pains to irregular heart beats.  One night I was not feeling well, so I took a Sudafed, however, early that day I had a couple of energy drinks.  That night I ended up in the hospital, which almost cost me my life.  The combination caused me to black out.  I was unable to breathe and my body was shutting down.  My cousin suggested trying Kyani, I was reluctant because I thought it was another so called “Super Juice” but after what happened to me, I decided to give it a try.  
I could no longer take energy drinks and being a busy mom along with my workouts, I needed a healthier alternative.  I first tried the NitroFX, after 3 weeks of using it and getting on the Sunrise, I was able to kick the energy drink addiction.  At the age of 42, I feel younger now then I did in my 30’s, I have better workouts, better sleep.  Thanks to Kyani I have a healthier alternative to better health inside and out.  I was customer first and introduced to Kyani in September of 2009 and I use the Kyani’s Health Triangle Pack.  Sunrise, NitroFX and Sunset.  The other benefits: I can tolerate the vog and not suffer with asthma attacks, the carpal tunnel pain has subsided and clearing thinking.  I highly recommend Kyani for anyone who plays sports or enjoys working out.  You definitely will have better performance and recovery time.  Being a former soccer and softball player this would have been perfect.  My husband is a journeyman in construction and has a passion for diving.  This has helped him in his diving and work.  All I can say is AWESOME!

My Daughters Ages 4 to 14 / Colds, Cold Sores, Root Canal, High Fever! My baby Aliyah age 3 at the time was the first to try Kyani.  I was out of town and my cousin called me panicking and talked to the advice nurse and they told her not to bring her into emergency unless it hits 104 and give her Tylenol.  Because kyani is safe for children she gave Aliyah two teaspoons of Sunrise and a couple of drops of NitroFX and in a matter of a 1/2 hour her fever broke.   My other daughters results has been a amazing they all use the Sunrise, NitroFX.  They don't sick as often and when they use the products and feel like a cold coming on, they take extra Sunrise and NitroFx and the cold does not progress.  My second oldest is Sarah she use to break out with cold sores every 3 to 4 weeks, since Kyani she really don't have breakouts it's amazing, her confidence has come back.  My oldest daughter Rachel has improved vision.  All the girls are more focused in school and getting the proper nutrition.  It really has improved their mental clarity and performance.  My choice is Kyani!  It's the best alternative for my daughters then always turning to prescription or over the counter products when the get sick. Also my daughter had a root canal and her gums were inflamed and we used the NitroFX instead of Ambesol and she was no longer in pain. 
I can’t say enough about Kyani and I decided to become a distributor because I believe Kyani has improved out health.  Now, I share it with everyone I love and care about.  I also met a Neurologist and he said Kyani is complete food for the brain, it helped his son with Autism and now he's his father and not his doctor.

Malialani - Kauai, Hawaii  - Former GM of Marc Resorts / Suffered with aches and pains.  I was introduced to Kyani back in August and at the time; I was not ready or interested in the product or opportunity.  However, my mom was given a tri-pack to try out for a month.  My mom has been a caregiver for my dad for the past 13 years and suffered many years with neck, leg and back pain.  After using the health triangle pack she noticed she was no longer suffering from her aches and pains.  For the past few years I suffered with extreme pain which made it difficult for me to walk especially getting out of bed in the morning.  After using Kyani, I have more energy, I'm able to walk more comfortable and now I can't imagine not having it in my life. 
I’m sharing this everyone I love and care about, it’s not a cure nor does Kyani make any medical claims, but Kyani gives you what your body needs especially with our diet and lifestyle.  I just came back from the Kyani Las Vegas Convention and all I can say I’m glad that I made the decision to go.  The Integrity of the Company and Owners is outstanding.  I am committed to sharing these amazing products with everyone I know.  Kyani is a solid company with solid products.

Louis Rodriguez - CA / “Before joining Kyani I was in the banking industry for 14 years, starting at an entry level position and making it all the way up to management. The last couple of years I've been in the mortgage industry. I'm now full time with Kyani. I see firsthand what this industry can do for me, for my family and for others who have come into my life. The freedom I now enjoy with Kyani was simply unimaginable just a few years ago. In a short period of time I've been with Kyani, they've given me many rewards for promoting to new levels within the company. That's something I never received in my 14 years in corporate America. It has changed my life, and it can change yours too. Simply by me keeping an open mind and accepting a sample of the product and sharing it with my father who had a brain anuerysm back in November of 2000 which he did survive but ended up in an adult diaper and now has a form of dementia. I had made the decision to put my dad in a retirement home due to the fact that my mother who cares for him was suffering too much in taking care of him. First 8 days on the product my mother noticed a difference which I couldn't believe, we then increased his dosage from one ounce to two ounces and three weeks. Later we saw the big difference, and today I have my father back in my life and my mother once again is smiling. That split decision has changed my life forever!” 

Scott Yamaguchi - Honolulu / My parents have been on the products for a month now and my dad has no more pains. They are also both losing weight. My family has a history with Cancer. My dad with colon cancer & sister with breast cancer. Prevention is the key for me. Learn about the power of Nitric Oxide and Tocotrienols.

Evelyn Dizon – Honolulu, HI - Before I started taking Kyani product; I was experiencing a lot of back pain, carpal tunnel and I also have a high blood pressure. I tried taking pain killers, chiropractor, massage therapy; but none of this things works out, and the last resource my doctor suggested for the pain is to give me a cortizon shot; which I did not want to take.  Aside all this pains; I also have a high blood pressure which I am taking a medication.   
My friend Lance knew my situation; he told me about kyani product, and gave a sample to try it out.  When I got the product I was hesitant to take it because the medications I am currently taking. Couple days later, Lance ask me if I feel any difference, but I told him I haven't started taking it.  Everyday, Lance keep reminding me to take the product and he reassure me that there is no side affect and it's all natural, and he told me that I can still continue taking all my medication. So finally I decided to take the product and within 2-3 days I felt the difference on my body that I have not feeling any pain and I thought I was dreaming.  After finishing the entire sample all the pain on my body was gone, and I stop taking my pain medications.  My other side story is, I usually go to YMCA and workout, and I can only last at least an hour to exercise. Ever since I started taking the product I have more energy, and don't get tired so fast.  
One day, I took the Kyani Nitro FX half hour before my workout, and I couldn't believed myself; I took 3 hours hypertence classes without no exhausting and have so much energy. Until today, I have not experiencing any pains, and my blood pressure is going down.  Thanks to Lance for introducing me to this product that really change my life.  If anyone of you out there; who's experiencing any health challenges like me; try it out and experience it yourself, and you will never know your life will change forever.  Thank you Kyani!

Debbie Alidon Markle – Honolulu / I have a testimony about my right arm being steam burned.  I was cooking and lifted my cover of my stone casserole top and the steam shot on my inner arm from below my wrist toward my elbow.  To make a long story short, that night after feeling the healing pain of the burn, I thought of putting the nitro FX on it topically. When I did, the pain instantly went away.  Tthe next morning 50 percent of the burn was gone, (I only put 1 drop onto the burn) then each morning there after it healed further and further without having my skin fall off or become hard and scally.  I have (you will see tonight if you're there) only --- maybe 2 percent or even 1 percent of the burn left.   This happened Sunday night on the 12th and it's healed completely.  My husband and friends are amazed, but mostly my husband because he was there seeing my arm all red and tender.  I couldn't believe it myself when the pain instantly went away!  I have no scar.  Thanks for listening.
I'd like to tell you about my husbands pain in his back and right shoulder.  He got injured over 10 years ago and it's been a constant naggin pain since.  When he did the Kyani with me (we shared the trio)  we both notice our pains are gone.  His shoulder and back has no pain.  He sleeps better and doesn't get up during the night anymore because of it, he now gets up for just the restroom. Haha. 
My pains were in my two knees since I had surgery on both of them.  I had to get a handicap sticker for  my car so I could walk closer to the store and shop.  My walking distance was very short and the pain was constant.  I sometimes had to use the electric car when I would shop.  I know my husband was embarrassed at times, but I couldn't help it.  I've tried all kinds of ways to loose weight but couldn't because of my knees.  There's not much excersise programs for people with bad knees. 
Well, my knees don't hurt, it's totally not in pain, and I can walk and I've even gotten on the tredmill to excersise some sweat off.  My ankles are strong and I can walk for long distances.  Thank you so much for introducing this and having Jennett get me in.  
I BELIEVE in this product and so is my family.
My son is 16 and has been using it, and he loves the fact that he is paying more attention in school, his eating habits have curved for healther foods and he has lost weight and feels more alive and active.  I have a computer nerd and now he wants to go out and do things.  Amen to that!!!

Don Moorhouse - CA Moorhouse Construction / "I have been a contractor for over ten years and developed arthritis in my wrist the pain was chronic and the doctors had no answers for me but to find a new profession. After two weeks on the Nitro FX the pain was gone and since then has only gotten better.”

“The first day I took the Kyäni product I noticed a new found energy. Within 2 weeks I noticed that my joint pain, especially in my knees had significantly decreased. I am no longer taking daily pain medication. I am an RN by trade and I endorse this product proudly and whole-heartedly to all I meet!”
Alina Diaz – Vista, CA

“Ounce for ounce, you’ll usually get more antioxidants in the wild blueberries, as their small size means you’re getting more skin per ounce and, of course, the skin is where the health-promoting goodies are. I tell my patients that blueberries are one of the three major SuperFoods, along with spinach and salmon. If you learn nothing else from SuperFoods Rx, remember to eat blueberries and spinach most days and salmon… these three foods alone will change your life and health.”
Steven Pratt, M.D., SuperFoods Rx

“With half a cup of blueberries, you can just about double the amount of antioxidants most Americans get in one day. If you want to slow down the free radical aging process, blueberries are the leader of the pack.”
Ronald Prior, PhD, head of the USDA Phytochemical Laboratory at Tufts
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